Writing my first iPhone App

I’ve had a few days off recently so I decided to wrap up an iPhone app that I have been playing around with lately.

I first stumbled on an application called SpriteBuilder about a month ago, before I go any further, just check this out:

I was hooked, graphically creating the glue code then finishing things up in Xcode seemed like a great approach to creating simple games. So I decided a few weeks back to start creating a flappy birds type game.

Firstly I know this formula has been used time and time again, but as a first step into creating a game it seemed like a good way to go. Armed with this tool and some reading from this great site I was able to piece this game together in what turned out to be a week or so overall, including creating all the artwork, the app store screenshots, logos, etc. Apple really ask for a lot!

I wanted my first game to have quite a few features, so I really made an effort to get quite a bit of code in, my 1.0 version has:

  • Physics
  • Particle Effects
  • Sounds (background and SFX)
  • Analytics
  • Admob (those adverts at the bottom of the screen)
  • In App Purchases
  • In game currency

I figured if I was going to make an effort to create a game, I would really go for it and try to make it a complete game!

After the hassle of setting up my certificates, building for the correct iOS version, the 32 bit chips only and other such fun (in reality its not that difficult, its just knowing what you need to do!) I have managed to submit the game to apple and its pending review.

I’m going to be quite public about this app, I’ve gone from nothing to a full app in around 4 weeks from start to end, with probably about a weeks worth of development time in all. I think it will be an interesting experiment in which people can understand what is possible in the app store in reality, I don’t know what it will do, if people will play it, if no one will bother, but it’s going to be fun to see!

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